The Amtrak Cascades train is one of the best and most beautiful ways to visit Seattle and neighbouring west coast cities. Like many other international travel services, it has been out of service during the pandemic. It looks like that’s going to continue for a while longer but not for the reason you might think. Let’s get into the details.

Originally, Amtrak Cascades made an announcement stating that they would return service at an unspecified date this spring. Well, spring is here and on the way out with summer just around the corner. And now Amtrak has announced that there will be no train service to the US until late 2022.

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However, the delayed return of the train service has nothing to do with the border. Rather, it’s happening because of staffing shortages, an issue being seen across various sectors countrywide in the US. Understandably, the new announcement was met with much frustration.

Some riders suggested that Amtrak offer limited Cascade services until staffing shortages end. There’s no indication that will happen but we can hope. Until then, you can still use the Amtrak bus service to take trips down to Seattle and further down the west coast.