If you often find yourself Googling, “which neighbourhoods have the cheapest rent in Vancouver right now?” We’ve got some answers for you.

It’s no secret that we live in a pretty expensive city. From Craigslist scams, ads for private “dens,” and bizarre, closet-less spaces you probably wish were scams, renters certainly have their work cut out for them.

If you’ve ever rewatched Harry Potter and thought, hey, Harry’s set up under the stairs doesn’t look so bad, actually. Consider this an intervention.

According to data from Zumper, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver is a whopping $2,275 a month. However, a breakdown by neighbourhood shows prices as high as $2,870 per month in Quilchena, and as low as $1,500 in Hastings-Sunrise.

So thankfully, there are still one-bedrooms out there that aren’t over $2,000 a month. And we’ll tell you where.


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Here are the 10 most affordable neighbourhoods in Vancouver and their median prices, according to Zumper.

  • Hastings-Sunrise: $1,500
  • Arbutus: $1,600
  • Grandview-Woodland: $1,748
  • Victoria-Fraserview $1,750
  • South Granville $1,750
  • Sunset $1,914
  • Marpole $1,950
  • Kitsilano $1,963
  • Strathcona $1,973
  • Oakridge $1,995

If you’re currently apartment hunting, here are some of the cheapest rentals in Vancouver right now, all of which have been recently renovated and feature a surprising amount of amenities.

Best of luck, Vancouver!