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Case Study


samsung canada laptops

The Goal

To effectively educate Curiocity’s national audience on both new Samsung products, and innovative technological improvements.

The Campaign

Curiocity executed a national brand awareness campaign that included article publication paired with Instagram advertising. Curiocity’s campaign focused on the promotion of three Samsung products, which divided the campaign into three separate phases, each focused on a separate product.

The Strategy

Curiocity divided the campaign into three phases in order to properly time the rollout of new information pertaining to the three products. Each article was published alongside a matching Instagram advertisement, effectively maximizing the impact with multiple touchpoints for the client. The messaging aligned with Samsung’s internal brand standards, providing our audience a detailed breakdown of information for each phase of the campaign.

The Results

Curiocity effectively educated our national audience on Samsung’s new products and technology. The longform content was necessary in educating our audience properly, and the advertisements were necessary for driving the largest reach.