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Case Study

Niagara Parks

niagara parks

The Goal

Curiocity’s campaign with Niagara Parks had the primary goal of positioning Niagara as a must-see destination through the summer months, and a secondary goal of highlighting the unique & new attractions and experiences available for travellers.

The Campaign

Curiocity’s campaign was composed of national Sponsored Articles, Things to Do article inclusions & IG Ads over a 4-month period during the summer months.

The Strategy

Curiocity’s campaign was structured around 5 unique Sponsored Articles, each paired with accompanying Instagram Advertisements & Things to Do inclusions. Curiocity selected 5 distinct and separate topics ranging from new attractions to golf to food & drink experiences, in order to effectively target each niche demographic of interest.

The Results

Curiocity knows that there is always something new and exciting happening in the Niagara Region. It’s a popular tourist destination that brings millions of people to the city each year, and together we were able to craft beautiful storytelling around Niagara Parks tailored specifically to our Gen Z and Millennial-focused audience. 

Curiocity found that topics focused around brand new, exciting events or those related to food/drink, received higher reads due to the characteristics of our audience. The younger end of Niagara Parks’ target market are popularly interested in what’s happening in their community, and prioritize how they spend their leisure time accordingly. 

Overall through the combination of Sponsored Articles, IG Posts and Things to Do Article inclusions, Curiocity was able to effectively raise awareness for the Niagara Region while generating a large amount of engagement & reach.