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Case Study



The Goal

To raise awareness for Herbaland’s products and programs in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, and educate out audiences on how Herbaland can be easily incorporated into everyday life for a healthier tomorrow for both adults and children.

The Campaign

Curiocity executed a three-month campaign that was divided into three phases which were focused on three main content pillars. Curiocity kicked off each phase of the campaign with production, in order to capture high quality assets with a lifestyle aesthetic, followed by consistent advertising and article publication.

The Strategy

Curiocity used the first advertorial to promote a limited time initiative, while the sponsored guides were focused on highlighting activities that align with the Herbaland lifestyle. The production assets were used for the advertisements and articles to aid in telling a visual story of how Herbaland can positively impact your life.

The Results

Curiocity was able to provide Herbaland both city-specific and non-descript lifestyle assets that effectively capture the brand’s lifestyle while developing a raised sense of awareness for the products and programs.