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Case Study

River Cafe

river cafe

The Goal

To create more awareness around River Cafe’s unique seasonal offerings and experiences to millennials and Gen Z’s, while reminding Calgarians of the historic importance in the iconic Prince’s Island Park.

The Campaign

Curiocity runs several seasonal campaigns for River Cafe on an annual basis. Each campaign is specifically tailored around different seasonal experiences that Calgarians can have at River Cafe throughout the year, with a scope of work consisting of Instagram advertisements, sponsored articles, and photo production. Contesting was incorporated on a consistent basis in order to continuously drive a younger demographic and following with River Cafe’s channels.

The Strategy

By conducting seasonally-specific lifestyle production shoots, Curiocity is able to showcase the different experiences the younger demographic can have at River Cafe throughout the year. Rather than position River Cafe as just a restaurant, Curiocity wanted to visually tell the story of how a meal at River Cafe is a totally unique experience for Calgarians, and always magical- no matter the season.

The Results

Due to the consistent nature of Curiocity’s campaigns with River Cafe, we have been able to greatly increase awareness of the brand within a younger demographic, while continually increasing social following through contests and in-person foot traffic and customers.