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Case Study

Canadian Tire

canadian tire money

The Goal

To increase awareness for Canadian Tire’s 100th birthday celebration on a national scale while increasing traffic to the brand’s own campaign shared via TikTok.

Canadian Tire dropped limited-time CT $100 bills in undisclosed locations across the country with hints being given via TikTok videos.  Curiocity created a custom campaign intended to raise awareness for the initiative while driving traffic to the company’s TikTok leading to on-site participation.

The Campaign

Curiocity’s campaign consisted of custom-created TikTok and IG Reels, IG Posts and Sponsored Articles which were launched in tandem with Canadian Tire’s own campaign, and ran throughout its duration.

The Strategy

Curiocity leaned on the virality of the ‘found money’ trend to highlight the campaign on TikTok, a medium very receptive of these types of user-focused challenges. 

Combining this with the classic Canadiana and nostalgia that comes with any Canadian Tire messaging allowed for us to naturally blend branded content with authentic and engaging topics to drum up excitement across our Canadian audience-base. 

Our positioning was centered around encouraging our audience to participate as a genuine recommendation as opposed to us being the actual driver and initiator of the activation itself.

The Results

Curiocity successfully increased participation in Canadian Tire’s campaign while generating a massive amount of engagement in a short period of time.

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