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Case Study

Hopewell Residential

mahogany hopewell calgary

The Goal

Curiocity worked alongside Hopewell to come up with a well-rounded campaign that was able to raise awareness around the neighbourhood of Mahogany. With recent developments over the past few years and many still to come, Mahogany is an active community with plenty of unique and in-demand amenities, with a variety of homes offering great choices for any demographic.

The Campaign

Curiocity executed a three-month campaign that included production, consistent advertising, and article publication. Production kicked off the campaign by capturing high quality assets around the neighbourhood, and the assets were used throughout Curiocity’s advertising campaign alongside Hopewell’s online marketing efforts. The article publication focused on listicle type guides in order to create valuable long form content that will resonate with our audience and their growing interest in home buying.

The Strategy

The creative direction behind production was focused on capturing seasonal assets that showcased the community’s amenities in a lifestyle aesthetic during. The goal of the production shoot was to capture Mahogany in a natural way that would properly showcase the lifestyle of a Mahogany resident in a Calgary winter. The assets allowed Curiocity to tell a visually compelling story with our advertisements, while the long form content was focused on highlighting the community’s lifestyle, home types, amenities and winter activities.

The Results

Curiocity’s production shoot provided Hopewell with assets effective for their own digital marketing efforts. The consistent advertising generated a great amount of engagement by focusing on how unique and active the Mahogany lifestyle could be.