It’s an event that pretty much any outdoors enthusiast dreams of. Over the weekend, a crazy video showed a BC windsurfer getting up close and personal with a few orcas. And when we say close, we mean within just a few yards, which has got to be just a little bit jarring.

The video, posted by Squamish Watersports, shows a windsurfer just messing around, minding their own business. Then, outta nowhere, we see the telltale tail (and the rest of the body) of an orca. What’s more, two other orcas were chilling with it.

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We like to think that the orcas just wanted to take a good look at the windsurfer, just feel out their vibes. That, or they’re thinking of starting their own surfing club using some mixture of kelp and driftwood, and needed to get a better idea of just how they’re built. On second thought, we’re picking that explanation.

And who knows, maybe you’ll be graced with a sighting the next time you’re kayaking around English Bay or something. It can happen!