A new option for affordable air travel is officially en route to Toronto. The budget-friendly travel company, called Canada Jetlines, is set to launch in early 2022 starting with cheap flights from Toronto to tropical destinations.

Described as the “all-Canadian airline who is all about low prices,” it’s set to become a serious competitor for airlines like WestJet and Air Canada, specifically by focusing on the destinations that are underserved, reports Calgary Herald.

Passengers from Toronto will get to catch their first cheap flight to the southern US, Caribbean, Mexico on one of Jetlines’ Airbus A320 planes. The airline has shared a photo on Instagram of what its aircrafts will look like once they hit the skies.

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Canada Jetlines says its mission is to “be bold, to stretch every dollar, to be on your side, to make flying fun, and to do it together.” The airline will start selling tickets in December, “pending final receipt of regulatory approvals,” Jetlines stated on social media.

The Herald reports that Canada Jetlines will likely come to Calgary’s YYC airport by late 2022 or early 2023. Until then, Calgarians can try out Lynx Air, the new affordable airline set to launch in the coming months.

Said to offer lower faires and flexibility, Lynx Air will launch a small fleet of brand-new Boeing 737’s which will take to the sky in early 2022 ahead of 46 more planes – expected over the next 7 years.

According to Lynx representatives, the company will adopt Europe’s low-cost carrier model, which has completely revolutionized the way that people fly overseas.

By choosing a plane with fuel-efficient technology and offering “à la carte pricing” – which only makes customers pay for the services that they actually want to use – Lynx is able to axe those dreaded hidden fees that make boarding a plane so darn expensive.

And if you’re itching for a good deal, you could take advantage of the $2 base fares being offered by Canadian low-cost airline Swoop.