Every city has its Christmas traditions that locals look forward to every year. Toronto has its towering 108-ft tree at the Eaton Centre, Calgary has its annual ZOOLIGHTS, and Dartmouth has Woody the talking Christmas tree.

While Toronto and Calgary’s displays have gotten rave reviews, the same cannot really be said about Woody. He may be near and dear to the hearts of Nova Scotians, but Canadians in other provinces aren’t sure what to make of the guy.

After a 15-year hiatus, Woody has finally returned to his rightful place at Dartmouth’s Mic Mac Mall this holiday season, debuting a brand new human-like face complete with a talking mouth, moving eyes, and a voice, reports Saltwire.

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Hundreds of people showed up to give a warm welcome to Woody, who was a fixture at the mall every holiday season for 20 years. Sadly, Woody began falling apart and malfunctioning. He was eventually deemed a “safety hazard” and thrown in the trash in 2006, according to CBC.

Miraculously, Woody was given a second chance at life after the mall was bought by a new owner, who promised to bring back the tradition. The reunion was a sentimental one for Nova Scotians with fond holiday memories of the talking tree.

“To say I wept when I saw the picture today of woody being set back up after being in retirement would be an understatement. This tree was a Nova Scotian Christmas treasure when I was a child,” one person tweeted.

However, people on social media aren’t as charmed by Woody as the locals of Dartmouth. One tweet calls him “Absolutely Creepy as heck,” and another tweet deemed him “stunningly terrifying 11/10.” One tweet even compares Woody to the giant evil doll in Squid Game.

At least the locals of Dartmouth know how controversial and misunderstood Woody can be.

Love him or hate him, Woody is enjoying a well-deserved moment in the spotlight this Christmas.