If you’re ready to bring home a furry new addition to your family, now could be your chance. There are so many kittens and puppies in need of homes in Ontario and you can apply to adopt one right now!

Applications are now open for this group of six puppies at the Niagara SPCA & Humane Society in Welland. Half are 2-month-old male Sheppards and the other half are 4-month-old female Sheppards, and all of them are irresistibly adorable.

The SPCA will be accepting applications for these pups until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 18th, so you don’t have much time! If you’re interested, you can find the form here.

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If you miss the window, don’t worry — there are so many lovable kittens you can take home too. The Ontario SPCA & Humane Society has dozens of them listed on their website. The kittens are available all over the province, and there’s a step-by-step process you can follow to get the adoption process started.

The pets in need of homes don’t stop at dogs and cats, though. There are rabbits, rodents, and birds who are waiting to meet their new families too. Who can say no to this 4-month-old bunny named Teacup and her floppy ears?

There are also rescue dogs from faraway places who are ready for adoption. The North Bay Humane Society told Curiocity that they recently rescued 30 dogs from southern Kentucky, and some of them are still available today on the shelter’s website.