This isn’t exactly the outcome you’d expect from an extra hot and dry summer. Apparently, these are ideal conditions for certain tiny bugs to thrive and, uh, poop all over the place. The bugs are called aphids, or “tree lice,” and their tree sap feasts are causing a sticky mess in Saskatchewan, according to The Weather Network (TWN).

The aphids suck on tree sap like mosquitoes on our skin, and they’re leaving their droppings all over cars and sidewalks in cities like Regina and Moose Jaw. Provincial entomologist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, James Tansey, told TWN that the plants that aphids feast on the sap in huge quantities to get the most nutrients, but unfortunately, this means they’re in a “perpetual state of diarrhea.”

Ladybugs are normally brought in to deal with the aphid problem in Saskatchewan, but there’s a shortage this year due to the wildfires in California, reports CTV News.

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Drought conditions in Manitoba this summer have also created an aphid poop problem in Winnipeg, with some residents telling CBC that it’s the worst they’ve ever seen. No matter how much they clean, the bugs rain on their parade all over again.

“We tried power washing everything down and three days later it’s just as bad, so it gets to the point where you just don’t want to even come out anymore,” one Regina local said.


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People have taken to Twitter to air their grievances. “All this aphid poop is making it feel like [I’m] running through glue,” one tweet says. “It rained for a good, solid 20 seconds in Fort Rouge. The aphid poop just laughed and laughed,” says another.

We never thought we’d live to see a real-life “poo-pocalypse,” but given what we’ve all been through over the past two years, anything goes.