There’s no denying that 2021 has been a rough one, but it seems that some cities fared better than others, according to the people who live there. Time Out has published a new ranking of the 37 best cities in the world in 2021, and they got their results by surveying 27,000 city dwellers in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

These 37 cities are celebrated by locals for pulling together during lockdown and coming up with creative and sustainable ways to help one another get through these difficult times and pave the way for a better future.

Only one Canadian city made the ranking and it’s Montreal, landing in 6th place between New York City and Prague. The city’s community spirit got people through the toughest crisis in a generation, Time Out says. Most residents agree that Montreal’s diversity makes it easy to express who you are.

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The description mentions the city’s less desirable qualities, like the frigid winters, sweltering summers, neverending construction, and frequent protests. But at least Montrealers have each other and the freedom to be themselves.

This isn’t the first Canadian city to get special recognition on the world stage. Just last month, Toronto landed in 2nd place in a ranking of the world’s safest cities. Back in March, Vancouver claimed the top spot for being the best city for young people to buy property anywhere in the world — if you can afford it, that is. Calgary outranked Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in a ranking of the world’s best cities back in January.

And we need not mention the time that Toronto’s Queen St. West was rated one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods by Vogue Magazine in 2014. So yes, Montreal does deserve its moment in the spotlight, but other Canadian cities have it going on too.