To anyone who lives within its limits, Calgary is one of the best cities in the entire world. This is why it really came as no surprise when those beyond our borderlines actually agreed with us.

According to a recent report published by Resonance, a globally renowned company that actually specializes in tourism, YYC was among the top 50 on the planet.

Each city was broken down and judged on everything from demographic and infrastructure to culture and prosperity, taking into account how desirable it was for not only locals but visitors and business people as well. It was extremely extensive – so we should be impressed with ourselves!

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Outranked only by Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Calgary was ranked the 4th best in Canada, placing 47th overall which is incredible, considering there are 10,000 cities across the globe. Not too shabby, hey?! 

So there you have it! We think we’re going to wear this one with pride, what about you guys?

If you’d like to see who the made top 10, you can check out their complete report on the best cities in the world here! Until next year’s rankings… Stay fancy, friends!