We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the heat stays at bay but we sure do love a sunny day here in our city. That being said, with so many things to do it can be hard to pick. Here are 15 of the best ways to spend a sunny day in Seattle.

Bare it all at Howell Beach

If you want to tan or simply get that sun you haven’t seen in months you might as well head to one of the city’s most unique beaches. We’re talking about Seattle’s iconic but also somewhat secret Howell Beach. The beach is clothing optional and is tucked away in the exclusive Denny Blaine neighborhood. But prepared for it to be busy because it turns out lots of people have tan lines to even out.

Where: 1740 Howell Pl

Cool down with some ice cream

Ice cream is one of our favorite treats to enjoy during the summer. It’s one of the best ways to cool down after a long summer day. Luckily, Seattle has so many amazing spots to grab ice cream with locations all over the city. Of course, we made a whole list for you guys.

Where: Click above to see our picks

Shop at a farmers’ market

sunny day seattle
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Don’t get us wrong, the farmers’ market is great any time of year and with any type of weather. But our favorite time to go is definitely on a sunny day. Because you can grab some delicious produce or meat to cook up on your bbq, or hit up one of Seattle’s best parks for a picnic. And the best part is that you’re getting the highest quality food and supporting local farmers. Win-win!

Where: Click above to find your closest market

Eat at one of the city’s best patios

We’ll bet that many of you missed dining-in especially when it comes to patio dining. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than delicious eats and drinks on a sun-drenched patio. And we just so happen to have a whole list of our favorites for you to check out.

Where: Click above for our picks

Take to the skies with Kenmore Air

Yea you probably won’t be doing this on a first date. But if you’re really looking to wow your SO or maybe even pop the question, this is a great way to do so. You can choose from a whole host of different airborne tours and they aren’t as expensive as you think they might be.

When: Flights daily
Where: Three terminals across Seattle
Cost: $75+

Stroll at the Olympic Sculpture Park

sunny day seattle
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The Olympic Sculpture Park is kind of the best of both worlds. You get to take in the sights of Elliott Bay and of course some seriously amazing art all while being in the heart of downtown. And it just so happens to be completely free. So if you’re looking to take in the sights, you can’t go wrong with the sculpture park on a sunny day.

Where: 2901 Western Avenue

Try an outdoor workout

If you feel like getting active on the next sunny day you can always try an outdoor workout. After all, the idea of being stuck inside a gym on a nice day doesn’t exactly sound ideal to us. Whether you’re walking, running, biking, or working out, the city has tons of spaces for you to do your perfect workout.

Where: Click above to see our picks

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Play a round of mini-golf

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When was the last time you played mini-golf? If it’s been a while you might want to give it a go again at one of the many local spots. If you want to go a bit bigger you can also check out the new TopGolf venue in Renton. Either way, we’ve listed a few of our favorites for you to check out.

Enjoy a scenic drive

One of our favorite things to do on a nice day is get out of the city. Whether you’re simply going for a drive or a longer trip, you can never go wrong with driving through some of the state’s most scenic spots. And luckily we have a whole list of drives for you to enjoy.

Where: Click above to see our picks

Shuck your own oysters at Taylor Shellfish Farms

If you’re planning a drive up North then you have to take a cruise on Chuckanut Drive. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful roads in the state and it also happens to be where Taylor Shellfish Farms is located. So you can get both a stunning drive and some of the freshest oysters in the state. Plus you can shuck them on the spot and enjoy them at the farm’s picnic tables.

Where: 2182 Chuckanut Drive, Bow, WA
When: Daily 12 pm-6 pm

Go island hopping

If you haven’t spent much time in the San Juans, you really should. And while the islands themselves are stunning one of our favorite parts about exploring them is taking the ferry. So on the next day or weekend take a trip to Bainbridge, Orcas, Whidbey, or whichever island you’re feeling.

Where: Click above to learn more about the ferry

Explore Discovery Park

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We know, we know, we talk about this park a lot, maybe too much. But in our minds, it’s the best park in the city and there’s a lot to explore. So on the next sunny day see how much of the park you can see. Can you find the sand dunes or what about the spooky abandoned crematorium? There’s a lot more to this park than meets the eye.

Where: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd

Hike to a natural water slide

We’re all about those stunning summer hikes. Especially the ones with super fun features at the end like Denny Creek’s natural waterslide. No need to line up at the water park when you can just slide to your heart’s content right in nature. Get ready for your new favorite hike.

Where: Denny Creek

Splash to your heart’s content at Wild Waves

Photo via Wild Waves Instagram

When was the last time you went to a water park? It’s probably been way longer than any of us even realize. So change that this summer and head to Washington’s most classic water park. Wild Waves is fun for people of all ages and isn’t too far out of the city. Just be sure to get your tickets ahead of time.

When: Daily
Where: 36201 Enchanted Pkwy S, Federal Way, WA
Cost: Season pass $69+, Single-day ticket $39.99+

Check out a weird destination

Want to get out of town? If so, you might as well check out the weirder side of the state with a fun day trip. Whether you want to be spooked, have a good laugh, or simply see something different we have some ideas for you. What are you waiting for? Hit the road!

See? There’s plenty to do on a sunny day in Seattle. And we hope this list gives you some ideas of how to enjoy the sun. Who knows, maybe it’ll jog your memory and remind you of some of your old-time favorite sunny day activities. Enjoy!