We know that the number of hikes in Washington can feel a little overwhelming. But there are some that are truly just a step above the rest like Denny Creek’s natural waterslide. That’s right folks, no need to wait in line at the water park when you can just go to the great outdoors. Ready to check it out? Let’s go!

Denny Creek Trail is tucked away in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness which is right by Snoqualmie Pass. That means it’s only about an hour’s drive out of the city. And best of all once you get to the trail, it’s not too bad of a hike at 6 miles round trip. Now like any other trail you will have to navigate some uneven terrain but trust us the waterslide at the end is worth it.

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After hiking for a few miles you’ll come to Keekwulee Falls which is a beautiful little waterfall. But the real winner is after you find the second crossing of Denny Creek because that’s where the waterslide rocks begin. These rocks are smooth and perfectly situated to slide down. Plus there are tons of little swimming holes situated around the creek.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable summer hike, this is definitely one that’s accessible and will leave you with great post-pandemic summer memories. If you’d like to learn more about the trail you can click here. If you end up giving it a visit be sure to let us know how it is and of course tag us in any pics!