Ice cream is one of the best parts of summer and as the season winds down you might just be looking for a place to grab the perfect scoop. Luckily for you, Seattle has a ton of great spots to check out. Whether you want plant-based or dairy-based ice cream, simple flavors, or inventive flavors, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 of the best spots to get ice cream in Seattle.

Full Tilt Ice Cream


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For some of the city’s best and most original flavors, you have to stop by Full Tilt. If you don’t want to stop at one of their three locations you can also find their pints at select grocers around Seattle.

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 3 PM-8 PM
Where: Multiple Locations

Molly Moon’s


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This spot is one of Seattle’s OG options for ice cream and one of the first to become wildly popular. Molly Moon’s started with its Wallingford location and has expanded to add many more over the year. You can score ice cream made from locally sourced ingredients for wholesome goodness you won’t soon forget.

Hours: Varies
Where: Multiple locations

Frankie & Jo’s


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This ice cream shop has a lot of wins, it’s plant-based, gluten-free, and owned by women. So by those factors alone, you gotta check them out. Their ice cream happens to be some of the best in the city. So don’t worry about the lack of milk. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

Hours: Varies by location
Where: Multiple locations

Hello Robin


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We can almost guarantee that you know this spot for its delicious cookies. But you can also score amazing ice cream sandwiches here made from freshly baked cookies and delicious Molly Moon’s ice cream.

Hours: Varies
Where: Multiple locations

Salt & Straw


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Normally when we do specific lists like this one we try to keep it pretty local. Salt & Straw is technically from Portland but we know that they’re a beloved spot to grab a scoop so we had to include them. Plus you can score some seriously unique rotating flavors.

Hours: Daily 11 AM-11 PM
Where: Multiple locations

Indigo Cow


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This unique spot is the first Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve shop in the US. You can find the classic Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve flavor or enjoy other unique monthly offerings. Get it in a cup or a cone, with toppings or without!

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 3 PM-9 PM, Friday 3 PM-10 PM, Saturday 1 PM-10 PM, Sunday 1 PM-9 PM
Where: 1911 N 45th St

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If you’re into ice cream you’ve probably heard of Kryse. The wildly popular pop-up sells out rather quickly so if you spot one of their limited edition flavors be sure to stock up on it while you can. You can see current flavors and order online.

Where: Pints available for order online

Fainting Goat

They have a funny name but amazing Gelato. Plus it’s all organic and you absolutely can’t go wrong with that. Be sure to stop by this North Seattle gem to try one of its many delicious flavors. If you really end up loving it, grab a pint because we know you’ll probably want another scoop as soon as you get home.

Hours: Daily 12 PM-11 PM
Where: Multiple locations

Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery


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Here’s another ice cream shop that’s all about all things organic. Sweet Alchemy definitely lives up to its name and serves up delicious flavors. Not to mention they work hard to reduce their food waste and pasteurize their milk daily. So no waste here folks.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12 PM-10 PM, Friday-Saturday 12 PM-11 PM
Where: 4301 University Way NE

Husky Deli


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For those of you on the island that is West Seattle, you can’t forget Husky Deli. This Seattle classic has been at it a long time and serves up some great classic ice cream flavors. Be sure to stop by to support this great small business and get your ice cream fix.

Hours: Daily 7 AM-7 PM
Where: 4721 California Ave SW

Bluebird Ice Cream


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If you happen to live in North Seattle and are in the mood for a scoop, then you have to check out Bluebird Ice Cream. You can find an array of delicious flavors at their shop and you can also find them at select farmer’s markets around the city.

Hours: Monday-Friday 2 PM-9 PM, Saturday & Sunday 12 PM-9 PM
Where: 7400 Greenwood Ave N

Nutty Squirrel Gelato


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Finally, we’re capping our list with another great gelato spot. Nutty Squirrel makes batches slowly one at a time with quality as their main focus. They are well known in the city for their tasty frozen goodness and unique, rotating flavors.

Hours: Varies by location
Where: Multiple locations

That’s our round-up of the best spots for ice cream in Seattle, Enjoy!