Camping has to be just about one of the most classically PNW activities out there. While summer is often the prime time to enjoy camping, you can check out tons of amazing campsites year-round. Keep in mind that pretty much all state campsites require reservations ahead of time and aren’t free. So be sure to read up before you head out in order to avoid disappointment.

Without further adieu, here are 10 bucket-list camping spots in Washington.

The Enchantments


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The name speaks for itself, The Enchanchemnts are perhaps THE place to camp in Washington. So much so that people wait years for permits to experience it. Now if you are lucky enough to get a permit keep in mind you’ll have to hike at least 4,400 feet in elevation just to get to one of the lakes in the Upper Enchantments. But hey, it’s a bucket list camping spot for a reason!

Where: Central Cascades

Mount Rainier


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Not only is it Washington’s most iconic mountain but it’s also a great place to camp. Mount Rainier National Park has 4 different campsites to check out with the latest reservations available until early October at Mowich Lake. It’s probably the best way to experience the park as you can get in tons of hiking without the pressure of getting it done in just a day trip.

Where: Mount Rainier National Park

Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh Rain Forest is an incredibly unique and special ecosystem that we are lucky enough to have right here in our state. Some also believe it to be the quietest place on earth. It’s a place that every Washingtonian should experience and that’s possible thanks to an amazing campground among old growths that’s open year-round!

Where: Olympic National Park

Deception Pass


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It may be Washington’s most visited park but that’s also part of the reason why we’ve included it in this list. You simply can’t miss it as Deception Pass is unlike anywhere else in the nation. You can walk the shores of Puget Sound, explore the nearby woods and of course also check out the iconic bridge. Oh, and it has over 170 places for you to camp.

Where: Deception Pass State Park

Salt Creek Recreation Area


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At almost 200 acres, Salt Creek has plenty of space for you to explore and gives stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Not to mention you’ll be right by the Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary which has some of the best tide pools in the nation. To make things even better camping here is available pretty much year-round and there are over 90 sites for you to check out.

Where: Port Angeles, Washington

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Hidden Lake Lookout


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Definitely one of the crazier spots on this list, Lookout Mountain isn’t for the faint of heart but what’s at the top makes the hard trek worth it. Because at the top you’ll be able to see a stunning view of the hidden alpine lake at the top and even stay in the decommissioned fire lookout at the top. Be aware that it is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Where: North Cascades

Moran State Park


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Nothing says bucket list camping quite like getting to camp on an island. What makes Moran State Park so great is that it’s on the easily accessible orcas Island and has over 150 campsites. You can go hiking, swimming, or check out Mount Constitution which happens to be the highest point in the San Juans.

Where: Orcas Island, Washington



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If you’re looking to have a beach camping experience then Kalaloch will give you that and more. The beautiful campground has 170 sights and puts you in close proximity to all of the areas stunning hiking trails. You can check out the Kalaloch lodge and of course the iconic Tree of Life.

Where: Olympic National Park

Colonial Creek


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What makes this campground so special is the fact that its located on the shores of Diablo Lake. This lake is known for its strikingly blue water which we’ll bet you’ve seen on Instagram. Now you can experience it for yourself at one of the over 90 campsites this area has to offer.

Where: North Cascades National Park

Jones Island


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If you want to kick your camping experience up a notch then you should check out Jones Island. As the name suggests the marine park is only accessible by boat. So load up a boat or a kayak with all your supplies and enjoy one of San Juans most enchanting islands. You can check out 25,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and enjoy 24 different campsites.

Where: Jones Island Marine State Park

Each of these campsites is beautiful in its own unique way and they are all absolutely worth checking out if you’re looking to make memories. Get out there and enjoy the best of what Washington has to offer. As always, tag us in any sweet pics you take.