Happy Sunday, Vancouver! We hope you’ve enjoyed a slightly cooler weekend, and are ready for another week of fun in and around the city! It’s still hot out, no doubt, but at least we can now step outside for more than 15 minutes without having to lay down afterwards. We see that as a small victory.

Here are 10 things to do around Vancouver this week.

Splash around at Cultus Lake Waterpark

Speaking of day trips, the Cultus Lake Waterpark is another destination that’s more than worth the drive. While it too has an amusement park option, the waterpark is the obvious pick here. Hurtle down some super-fast slides, lounge around in the lazy river, and enjoy a classic summer option!

When: Open throughout July
Where: 4150 Columbia Valley Hwy, Cultus Lake

Cool off in a unique way

Looking to cool off in a way that we guarantee none of your friends have? Then you need to make the drive out to the Britannia Mine Museum. Included in your visit of the historic site is an underground tour taking you deep into the mine. And guess what? It’s considerably colder than whatever the outside temp is. Natural A/C, folks!

When: Open daily
Where: 150 Copper Drive, Britannia Beach
Cost: $36.95

Check out the Powell Street Festival

This iconic festival has returned for the entire month of July! There are both virtual and in-person events to check out, but we’d lying if we said their food options weren’t the major reason we want to swing by.

When: On throughout the week
Where: Online/Various locations around the city
Cost: Free/Varies

Da Vinci Experience

If one ‘immersive’ art experience wasn’t enough, another has rolled along as well! Focusing on Da Vinci, this one offers replicas of his various machine designs, plus some virtual reality options thrown in for good measure! If you loved Imagine Van Gogh, chances are high that this is up your alley.

When: Open throughout July
Where: Tsawassen Mills, Delta
Tickets: $25.99+

Polygon Gallery- Interior Infinite

A couple of new exhibitions have opened around the city, and we think we want to check them both out. First up is Interior Infinite at the Polygon Gallery, which is a collection of 15 Canadian and international contemporary artists across a wide range of mediums.

When: Open throughout July
Where: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
Cost: By donation

Richmond Gallery- Imperfect Offerings

Our second pick, Imperfect Offerings takes a look at the healing and rebuilding powers of ceramics. So, it’s only natural that they include the artist Naoko Fukumaru, who practices kintsugi. Does that word sound familiar? It’s because it’s the art of using gold joinery to rebuild broken ceramic pieces.

When: Open throughout July
Where: 7700 Minoru Gate
Cost: By donation

Go out to eat with a group of friends

That’s right folks, you can now go out to dinner with a good group of friends. There are no limits on group size for indoor or outdoor dining, so you can finally go have a big dinner with your friends again. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Where: All over the city. Check out that link for a good rundown!

Or treat yourself to a patio beer

Yes, a patio beer (or non-alcoholic alternative) is something we consider to be worthy of a bucket list. After all, Vancouver has got maybe the best craft beer scene in Canada, and that extends to the patio options. Need some spots? We rounded up some of our absolute favourites for you.

When: Open throughout the summer
Where: Click the link above for our picks

Go for a swim at an outdoor or indoor pool

With indoor and outdoor recreation opening up, you can now cannonball into a public pool. While Kitsilano being voted one of the best places to take a swim in the world, it’s not the only option in town! Many indoor and outdoor pools are now open for reservations. So, if you’ve been wanting to swim some laps. But you haven’t really had the guts to do it in the ocean, this is your chance to get out and enjoy that summer vibe of an outdoor swimming pool.

Where: Across the city
When: Dependent on your local spots and reservations
Cost: $3.17 – $7.54 depending on age

Take a wacky day trip

This province has a whole lot to check out, that’s for sure. So, why not hop in the car and take a ride to one of these weird, wacky, and wonderful spots around the province. Many of which are just a day-trip away, and provide some great Instagramable, oddities such as the sasquatch museum, the McBarge, and a forest faerie village. Oh and much much more

Where: Around the province

That’s what we’ve got in mind this week! Enjoy yourselves out there, folks.