It’s an open secret that Vancouver has got one of the best craft beer scenes in the country. And, there’s no better way to enjoy all Vancouver has to offer than with a trip to some amazing breweries with great patios. Cold beer, good company, and a great place to enjoy it? Yeah, that sounds like a must-do activity this summer.

So, here are 11 breweries with great patios to check out around Vancouver this summer.

Red Truck Beer Company

First up is a trio of staples in and around Mount Pleasant. After all, Red Truck has been a staple spot for years, even hosting a summer concert series before 2020 rolled around. While we wait for that to return, it’s always nice to head down to their extended patio for a cold one.

Where: 295 E 1st Avenue

Faculty Brewing

Next up is Faculty Brewing which, thanks to its location, feels more like a Kits spot than Olympic Village. The extended wraparound patio here means you shouldn’t have a problem finding a table. Plus, once you’re done your visit, the hustle and bustle of Main Street is just a couple of blocks away. Great for before/after a day of shopping and exploring.

Where: 1830 Ontario Street

33 Acres Brewing

We stand behind the claim that 33 Acres set a new bar for Vancouver breweries. And, that extends to the patio experience. Not only does the curbside patio offer a great mix of privacy and community, but 33 Acres also has one of the best in-house food programs on this list. Of course, it’s also notoriously busy, so head down mid-day during the week for best results.

Where: 15 W 8th Avenue

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Luppolo Brewing

Alright, onto the Strathcona/East Van picks this go around. While Luppolo’s patio is straightforward, it’s also perfect for kicking back after a day of work. Plus, there’s something about having dining chairs outside that, for whatever reason, just resonates with us. And, if the beer here isn’t quite enough to satisfy, the fact that it’s less than a block away from La Casa Gelato ain’t so bad, either.

Where: 1123 Venables Street

Parallel 49 Brewing

Like Red Truck, Parallel 49 has become synonymous with patio beers in Vancouver, and for good reason. They already had a massive patio, and these past couple of years have only expanded it. Between the size, the added touches (like plants and hanging lights) and all the fun art around it, this is an easy pick.

Where: 1950 Triumph Street

Andina Brewing Company

Of all the breweries with patios in Vancouver, we think Andina might be the very best. Hear us out- the South American flavour profiles make their beers the perfect pick for summer (especially the Craft Lager), and the authentic food dishes turn a great experience into an amazing one. Pair that with tons of space, and we think Andina is the place to beat this summer.

Where: 1507 Powell Street

Superflux Beer Company

Of course, our taste is subjective, so you need to check out all these picks just to be sure. Especially when there are names like Superflux floating around. The latest spot to open on this list, Superflux has brought a truly creative approach to their beers, with an equally fun selection of upscale hot dogs to match. And yes, you absolutely should try one during your visit.

Where: 505 Clark Drive

Container Brewing

Another relatively new name on this list, Container has quickly proven itself as a must-try spot in the city. Quite literally made out of a shipping container, this unique spot has a great, straightforward patio to enjoy the equally great brews. Plus, as a fun bonus, they just welcome Burdy, a new spot that specializes in Chicken and Eggplant Parm sandwiches.

Where: 1216 Franklin Street

Beere Brewing

Our last few picks aren’t technically in Vancouver, but we think they’re more than worth the trek. First up is Beere, which gives off 33 Acres of North Van vibes, and we’re down for it. Time your visit right, and you’ll be treated to an amazing sunset while overlooking the Vancouver skyline. Yeah, it’s very picturesque, and more than deserving of a spot on this list.

Where: 312 Esplanade E, North Vancouver

House of Funk Brewing

Meanwhile, House of Funk is literally on the same block, and features maybe even a more impressive patio to lounge around on. These folks wasted no time in creating a stunning temporary patio, that honestly looks like it should be made permanent (wink wink, nudge nudge, City of North Vancouver). Plus, and this is a crazy bounce, it doubles as a coffee house with its own roaster.

Where: 350 Esplanade E, North Vancouver

North Point Brewing

We don’t know how it happened, but we’re more than happy to hear that North Point Brewing has partnered up with Nook Pizza for the summer. After all, delicious craft beer and an expertly-made pizza is a hard combo to beat. Pair that with a cozy, tucked-away patio out front, and this becomes a must-visit spot in the area. What can we say? We clear full afternoons for this kind of stuff.

Where: 266 1st Street E, North Vancouver

Alright folks, that’s our roundup of some amazing breweries with patios to visit around Vancouver this summer. Hopefully we caught your favourite spot, and introduced you to a couple of new options, as well! After all, this is an extremely easy way to support local businesses.