Here’s one fact about Toronto that no one can deny: it is constantly getting better. This city is know for it’s never-ending development and continual improvements. Sure, that means it’s also known for a bit of inconvenient construction from time-to-time. But as a continually improving urban landscape, we can’t complain. There’s loads of great stuff in Toronto’s future. From brand new parks to exciting skyscrapers to major waterfront upgrades.

Here are 10 exciting developments and new buildings coming to the GTA.


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Cherry Street North Bridge Renderings via

One of the most exciting developments happening in Toronto right now has got to be the Port Lands Project. This revitalization of the eastern end of Toronto’s waterfront is going to change the game. It’s functional purpose is to help with the flooding problem we’ve been experiencing in the Toronto Islands over the past little while. But the fun part of it all includes four new bridges, a new river, and whole ton of green space to explore. All-in-all, the city is spending a whopping $1.25 billion on revamping the area.


davenport diamond
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Speaking of green space, there’s plenty of that at this next selection. Under the upcoming Davenport Diamond Guideway (a raised rail intersection located where the Barrie GO meets the CP Tracks), we’ll get a multi use outdoor space to enjoy. The linear park adjacent to the multi-use trail under the guideway will be fully accessible, will reconnect previously separated areas of the city, and has a focus on sustainability when it comes to landscape and plantings. Not too shabby, right?


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Our next pick is an exciting new skyscraper headed to Yonge St. The One Yonge Skytower is set to be the tallest skyscraper in Canada. It’s a whopping 95 storeys, slated to be complete within the next four years. Along with the gorgeous residential units, this building will be stacked (literally) with perks like a fitness centre, spin studio, courtyard, hot tub, party room, and dog run with dog wash stations.


toronto developments

The Ontario Line is the 16 KM-long, 15-stop development to the TTC we’ve all been waiting for. Not only will this extension make more of the city accessible, but it’s also got some exciting high tech stops along the way. For starters, there are the newly unveiled plans for Corktown Station – which will be loaded with new housing, jobs, commercial buildings, and community spaces. Plus, the East Harbour Transit Hub – a 30 acres chuck of land to be developed into a gorgeous community space. Those exciting projects are just the beginning when it comes to this insane development!



Speaking of insanity, this next pick is crazy impressive. The ORCA Project a 16-acre mixed-use community that’s plans look straight out of a science fiction novel. The raised park and high-rise buildings. The prime location and killer city views. The shopping, and entertainment venues, and more. This amazing project has everything you could dream of. Oh, and they’re a socially-conscious development with sustainability in mind!

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Mirvish village park

Toronto locals may miss the iconic site that was Honest Ed’s, but the development slated to take it’s place is still pretty exciting. It’s going to be called Mirvish Village Park (still in homage to Ed Mirvish) and it’ll feature loads of great stuff. We’re talking residential buildings, bird-friendly gardens, shade trees, loads of outdoor seating, and a children’s water feature. This spot will be great for enjoying a little fresh air.


love park

This new development is set to be the most romantic spot in the city. Literally named Love Park, this spot will feature a heart-shaped pond surrounded by tons of gorgeous greenery. Located in a space that used to be a Gardiner off ramp, this 2 acre park’s pre-construction work just officially began. If all goes according to plan, we should be enjoying outdoor dates here as early as 2022.



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Everybody loves the Toronto Islands. That’s just a fact. But why not make a great thing even better? That’s exactly what the Toronto Island Park Master Plan aims to do. This development project is all about taking input from the community to truly maximize the potential of the popular space. Plus, there will be a special focus on honouring the land as an Indigenous Place in Toronto. You may not know that before the city as we know it was born, the Toronto Islands were used as a place of healing by the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.


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Another über popular Toronto spot, the corner of Yonge and Dundas, is also slated for some major upgrades. Known as the YongeTOmorrow Project, this development plan aims to centre pedestrian needs at the busy intersection. This means upgraded landscaping, walking spaces, and urban parks. Plus, some new bike lanes for our cycling friends.

OverActive Media Esports Arena

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Photo via OverActive Media

This one is pretty wild, people. OverActive Media announced earlier this year plans for a $500M esports venue at Toronto’s historic Exhibition Place. Featuring 7,000 seats, this arena would be used for concerts, shows, and, of course, esports. If this does go ahead, you can expect it to be finished construction by 2025.


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Last but not least, we’re highlighting the plans for the Parliament Slip. This Waterfront Toronto project could turn into a whole new tourist hotspot (when the world reopens, of course). Early proposals feature tons of exciting features we know we’d hurry over to visit. We’re talking kayak and canoe launches, lakeside pools, open water swimming opportunities, a marina, a waterfront amphitheatre, and even a floating restaurant! This project is serving major beach town vibes.

So get excited people, because Toronto’s glow up is underway! We can’t wait to see all these amazing projects our city’s future holds.