For years, one of the most iconic spots in Toronto was Honest Ed’s. Folks from all over the city would hit the store for their amazing discount goods, party supplies, and overall good vibes. We don’t have to tell you how sad it was when the spot was knocked down a few years ago. But now that the plans for its replacement, the Mirvish Village Park, are underway, we’re starting to get excited.

The Mirvish Village Park is the brainchild of the developers over at Westbank Corp. These fine folks purchased the site back in 2013, and have been sorting out how to optimize the space since then. What they’ve come up with is sure to blow your mind.

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Mirvish village park
So for starters, there’s going to be a gorgeous green space installed. Is it just us or is Toronto receiving a ton of new parks these days?? If this keeps up, we may have to revoke our status as a greyscale concrete jungle. Hey – there are certainly no complaints about that here!

Anyway, back to Mirvish Village Park. The outdoor area will be stacked with amazing perks like bird-friendly gardens, shade trees, loads of outdoor seating, and a children’s water feature.

On top of all that, there are actually still a few specific details to be worked out. Even more interestingly, YOU can be part of the process. Head online to fill out this survey from now until April 11th to give you feedback on the area.

Mirvish village park

Along with the outdoor green space, Mirvish Village will also be home to mixed-use residential buildings. We can expect vibrant restaurants, boutique stores, and even a public market featuring Ontario’s best food entrepreneurs, artisans, and occasional live music. If you ask us, that’s plenty to look forward to!

All-in-all, the site isn’t set to be complete until well into 2022. Although that is a hot minute away, all these amazing perks are sure to be worth the wait.

Track the project’s progress at the official Mirvish Village Park website here.