As December comes to a close, we’ve started to reflect on the last 300 and something days that it’s taken to make our way around the sun. Since this time last year, we managed to free Britney, saw the introduction of various COVID vaccines, cried our way through Taylor Swift’s RED album like it was 2005, and collectively fell in love with South Korean Netflix dramas.

All the while, we also worked towards social change or at the very least tried to better ourselves, with the hope of looking back at 2021 fondly – and maybe even making Santa’s delightful directory.

From charity work and advocacy, representation and humour, many celebrities did the same – using their platforms for good, changing the way we see each other and even ourselves. As per usual, many of the familiar faces that made us proud are actually born and bred Canucks – so in no particular order, here are 10 Canadian celebrities that we believe have earned a spot on Santa’s nice list this year!



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To put it plainly,  Ryan Reynolds is probably of the most charitable, beloved celebrities in the country. From large donations to programs that help mentor and better the lives of Indigenous Canadians, his many campaigns to raise money for front-line workers, and of course, his ability to keep us laughing while he does it is unmatched. He even made us proud while receiving the Governor’s General award this year.



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Unapologetically vocal, history-making actress, Sandra Oh is a Canadian icon. Known for her role on Grey’s Anatomy, Oh was named among ‘People of the year” for 2021 not only due to her talent but also because of her powerful work with Stop Asian Hate, an organization that held several anti-Asian-violence rallies across North America.

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A sports icon, Canadian Olympian Damien Warner made history this year when he was named the first Canadian to earn the honorary title of World’s Greatest Athlete. Now not only does he hold an Olympic gold medal (and a world record) in the Decathlon, he also holds a pretty significant place in our hearts as one seriously dope Canuck.



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Known best for Juno and Inception, Elliott Page has had one hell of a year – famously sharing that he finally felt like he was ‘just able to exist,” after coming out as trans. Not only did this statement show immense strength it also reminded us that we still had a long way to go in the fight for representation and equality.



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A humble king, Keanu Reeves is another celeb that proves that not all famous people suck. Known for being notoriously kind to all cast and crew, this Toronto-raised actor often uses his fortune to better the lives of those around him and his gentle nature to help those in need. He’s also a certified badass, who’s given us many a meme – so there’s that too. 



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Recognized by Variety, AVClub, and Indiwire for his outstanding performance in Rutherford Falls, actor Michael Greyeyes had an incredible year – one particularly high point being his win at the Canadian Screen Awards where he won ‘Best Actor of 2021’ for Blood Quantum – though that’s not the only reason he makes our list.

As a Plains Cree member from the Muskeg Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, Greyeyes is also extremely supportive of his community and advocates for the rights, freedoms, and acknowledgment of indigenous Canadians and their land.



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Canadian high-con Seth Rogen managed to keep us laughing (and smoking) our way through a year that, otherwise, could have sucked harder than it did. Though he didn’t appear in anything major this year, he did work on some fantastic shows like The Boys and made some interview magic when he shared his story about when he attended the Adele concert – which you can watch here. 



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2021 was a huge year for Canadian actor Simu Lui, as he became Marvel’s first Asian superhero, Shang-Chi. Though it was long overdue, this movie was a total hit and a major step in the right direction – though we’ve still got a LONG way to go.



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Dan Levy will – and has always been on the nice list, but this year was particularly notable. Following his advocacy for a 12-week course at the University of Alberta – it was announced in 2021 that over 200,000 people also signed up for the program, to learn about indigenous history and the contemporary issues facing the community.



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Proving that age is just a number, Canadian actor William Shatner, known best for his role on Star Trek, was the oldest person to ever go to space at 90 years old. Talk about a full-circle moment! 

And there you have it, folks. 10 Canadian celebrities that we believe have earned a spot on nimble Nick’s nice list this year! Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments!