The list has been made and was checked twice! With Christmas just around the corner, the (totally real) North Pole Government has officially released its year-end review – and it’s time to see who’s been naughty or nice! Will you receive coal in your stocking – or will you get something off your wish list?

Published by The Department of Christmas Affairs, the “official” Naughty or Nice list “relates to the people of the world’s performance for 2021 against the measures outlined in the Christmas Behaviour Statements,” they clarify on their website.

All names are in alphabetical order and state very clearly whether they’ve been an angel or an absolute tyrant. However, because the ‘Honourable Nick Clause MP,’ is all about fairness, the document also includes details about how one can rectify their naughty reputation and a page on how one can dispute a result if they believe they’ve been robbed of their ‘niceness.’

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Now, of course, because some of you are hardened cynics, we’d recommend checking out the website before you challenge the legitimacy of the DOCA.

Consisting of Secretary Buddy Elf, First assistant secretary of nepotism, Mary Claus, and first assistant secretary of logistics, Blitzen, the Department of Christmas Affairs is just about as real as the Easter Bunny.

After all, who could possibly fake such detail? Certainly not a few web designers who set out to add a little humour to your Christmas experience.

Want to see the list for yourself? You can check out this link here!

Good luck, folks. We hope for your sake that Ol’ Nick didn’t see that one thing you did, that one time – because that would land you on the naughty list for sure.