Keanu Reeves – the man, the myth – the legendary gift giver. As if anyone needed further evidence that the Toronto-raised actor is among Hollywood’s most generous, and should be Canada’s official ambassador, he did something so in character that we couldn’t help but share.

This week, as a way to show his appreciation for his crewmates, Reeves surprised the group of stuntmen whom he worked with on John Wick 4 with brand new 2020 Submariner Rolex watches engraved with a sweet message, their name and the year.

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Though we can’t imagine that the icon would ask for anything in return, Jeremy Marinas, one of the ‘JW5’ took to his Instagram story to thank the actor, posting a photo of each of them with their new $10,000 timepiece alongside the caption “best gift ever.”

Now we realize that money is probably no object to Keanu, but the guy is rumoured to be a freaking saint on and off set which is worth acknowledging. In fact, a rumour that he gifted up to $135M from the Matrix films to the special effects crew has become so famous it’s basically internet lore (despite it not being true).


Regardless, we’re proud to call him our fellow Canadian – the world needs more Reeves.