Surprise! Seth Rogen smokes weed (gasp)! Canada’s favourite ceramicist/stoner/celebrity appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night, and shared a fun little story about the recent Adele TV special. Turns out that while everyone was holding back tears during her reunion with a former teacher, Rogen was holding back the desire to eat a bag of Doritos (we’re assuming).

According to his story, Rogen and his wife got the invite to attend a “small Adele concert” in a park. Naturally, the two of them cheeched a lil chong beforehand, but when they arrived, they found out it was a much bigger deal than they were expecting…

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And while it’s no showing up to the Oscars on acid, we can still imagine that sitting in the front row a little baked, as one of the most famous singers in the world does her stuff, would be unnerving even for Rogen. Well, he handled it as only a seasoned stoner would, and he did Canada proud.

Next up- we hope to see Ryan Reynolds or Drake show up at a Taylor Swift concert microdosing magic mushrooms. Nah, just kidding, that’s outta line.