With the holidays fast approaching, the Vancouver International Airport is starting to see a lot more travellers, both leaving the city and coming in. So, to help people out, the YVR Airport has released a few travel tips for those going through it. Here’s what to know about them.

The tips are divided into 3 sections- Ready, Set and Fly (fitting names). Ready covers what to know before you even step foot in the airport, like vaccination requirements to fly (even within Canada), the types of vaccines accepted by the Canadian government, and having proof of vaccination on-hand once you’re there.

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Set covers all the stuff you should know about your destination, and the YVR Airport travel tips mainly focus on double-checking with your airline to get the official guidance. Keep in mind that even within Canada, some regions have more stringent requirements than others.

Finally, the Fly section is a reminder about requirements while you’re at the airport and on the plane. This includes adhering to YVR Airport’s TAKEcare initiative, and ensuring that you keep your mask on at all times inside the airport and on the plane, unless you’re consuming food and beverages.

To check out the YVR Airport’s travel tips for yourself, just click this link! Make your holiday travel that much easier this year.