It looks like your next trip to Halloween Haunt will have a whole lot more treats than tricks! In celebration of this spooky time of year, Canada’s Wonderland is giving a new lineup of treats to sink our fangs into. Just wait until you see the sinister eats you’ll get to try this month.

First and foremost, there’s the Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake, which is the classic Wonderland treat you know and love but with a twist of pumpkin spice cream cheese, and syrup. We’ll take 10, please!

And if you’re craving something more adventurous, the green-coloured Frankenstein Funnel Cake is a “sinfully sweet” creation that’s sure to satisfy.

Photo via Canada’s Wonderland

Ready to scream for ice cream? You’ll want to try the Graveyard Cone Ice Cream — black cherry charcoal-infused ice cream served in ghoulish, black graveyard cones.

There’s also the Spookiewich ice cream sandwich, Haunted Cake Pops, Sinful Cupcakes, and Pumpkin Pie Tarts. The photos alone are enough to make you start drooling.

Photo via Canada’s Wonderland

Want to quench your thirst vampire style? Then you’ll have to try the “blood bag” — a delicious concoction of red wine, pears, oranges, and apples. There are a few different flavours to try, including the Pixie Potion, Zombie Juice, and Purple People Eater.

Photo via Canada’s Wonderland

As for savoury creations, we hope you like comfort food with a twist. The Zombie Mac and Cheese Beef Burger is a creamy mac and cheese-stuffed beef burger between two charcoal buns.

The Halloween Haunt Corn Dogs are both spooky and tasty at the same time, especially the Dark Magic Corn Dog and the Fang Drop Corn Dog coated in Flamin’ hot Cheetos. If you love your comfort food extra spicy, you’ll want to try the wickedly hot Hell’s Chicken Wings.

Photo via Canada’s Wonderland

Despite the unappetizing name, the Troll Lint Poutine actually sounds delicious with pulled chicken green curry on top of fries and tender cheese curds.

Believe it or not, that’s just the beginning of all the delicious food there is to try this fall at Wonderland. You can see the entire Halloween & Fall Fun menu on the amusement park’s website.

With WinterFest now just around the corner, we can only imagine what kinds of festive treats we have to look forward to during the holiday season.