No matter the season, Wild Rose Country is a looker – but there’s something extra special about it in the wintertime.

From the frosty blue lakes and snow-covered mountains to roadside attractions like Tangle Creek Falls – when Canada gets cold, there’s no place we’d rather be than right here in Alberta.

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Located in Jasper National Park, 7.4 km north of the Icefields Centre along the Icefields Parkway, you’ll find Tangle Creek – a site at its most beautiful when frozen in time.

In the warmer months, those passing through can dip their toes and get up close in personal – but when temperatures drop, it’s not unusual to see people climbing it during the day.

In fact, local tour group, Rockaboo Mountain Adventures, says it’s one of their go-tos and will begin offering icy experiences come December 1st.

If of course, you aren’t interested in picks or pulleys, you can also admire it from the base, take photos and marvel at its magnificence – as long as you keep your eyes peeled!

Tangle Creek does not have signage but is right off the highway and easy to spot as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Want to check it out? Check out the exact location below and don’t forget to stay alert! Rumour has it that bighorn sheep graze in and around the area.

Enjoy, be safe and have fun!

It’s gorgeous!

Tangle Creek Falls, Alberta 

Where: Directions here