Bridge news, what an interesting topic to start your day with! We know, it’s a little bit odd but for any of you that live in or near West Seattle, you know what a pain it’s been dealing with the bridge closure. After two and a half years, the bridge is finally reopening, and here’s what you should know.

As you may or may not remember Seattle’s highest volume bridge closed in March 2020. The bridge was structurally unsafe, full of cracks, and needed a whole lot of TLC. After two years of work, the bridge has been rehabbed, getting essentially a facelift with new additions like a carbon fiber wrap, new post-tensioning cables, and epoxy crack fillings among other fixes.

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With all the fuss made over the bridge’s initial closure, the idea of driving on it once again may be nerve-wracking for some. However, with the structural reinforcements and rehabilitation, the bridge is expected to be safe to use for decades to come according to the City of Seattle. Not only that but before reopening, the bridge is going under extensive testing.

That means you’ll be able to drive on it once again beginning September 18th. What’s more, the city will lift all restrictions on the Spokane Street Swing Bridge (low bridge). We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a timely reopening and if you’d like to learn more about the West Seattle Bridge you can head over to the City of Seattle’s website.