Canada is no stranger to cold weather but as we near the middle of January, a vast difference can be seen from one coast to the other.

From the frigid air blowing through the prairies to comfortable temperatures on the shores of Newfoundland, each province has its own story to tell, but what can some of the country’s biggest cities expect in the coming week?

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Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Live in Calgary? Then you know that winter can be unkind.

No thanks to an Arctic mass which has made its way through Alberta, Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued an Extreme cold warning for the entire province prompting most to stay home from work and change their weekend plans.

At the time of publication, the city was advised to stay indoors to avoid being affected by the -32°C chill.

Luckily, things will look up starting next week.


Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Sitting at a moderate 0°C, Toronto should expect more snow and rain in the coming days and for that, we’re sorry.

Luckily, while It may be pretty gloomy and grey right now, the sun will come out again on Monday so look ahead!

If that doesn’t put a little pep back in your step – at least the city has not been issued a winter storm warning like Ottawa which could get anywhere between 15 to 25 cm of snow, according to ECCC.


Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Bundle up, Vancouver!

With a high of -8°C on Friday, the city is advised to be extra careful when leaving the house today.

This morning the Government issued an Arctic Outflow Warning, as they experience their first Arctic intrusion of the year.

Between now and Saturday afternoon, wind chill values could make it feel more like -20°C – the coldest it’s been since December 2022.


Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Like Calgary, Edmonton has been issued an Extreme Cold Warning by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

With a high of -34°C those in the area should dress in layers and watch for frostbite if they must leave the house.

This weekend will be chilly, but by next Tuesday things should start looking up.


Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

Stay safe Montreal!

While (at the time of publication) the temperature is a cool -5, a snowfall warning has been issued for the city.

Between now and Saturday morning, as much as 15 to 20 cm of snow could cover the streets so be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions.

As we head into the weekend expect to see more snow and a little bit of rain, then some sun between Monday and Thursday.

And there you have it, a January 12th snapshot of the weather in Canada!

Can you believe that Calgary and Edmonton are a whole 30°C colder than Toronto?

Wherever you are, please stay safe, be smart and treat yourself to a hot chocolate.

You deserve it for braving another frosty winter.