Bundle up, Metro Vancouver, because we’re experiencing some pretty cold winter weather all of a sudden – and it looks like it’s here to stay for a bit.

In an interview with Curiocity, BC meteorologist Lisa Erven with Environment and Climate Change Canada shares that this “frigid air mass” will remain in place through at least the first half of the weekend.

On Friday, January 12th, the temperature in Metro Vancouver will range from -14°C to -8°C, according to Erven. However, with added wind chill, it could feel like -20°C.

Just like Thursday’s Arctic Outflow Warning, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) maintains that arctic air combined with strong outflow winds will continue to generate “wind chill values of -20°C” on Friday, January 12th.

“During this period of frigid air, it’s important to dress in warm layers of clothing, minimize exposed skin, and seek shelter from the wind, as the wind can make it feel colder than the ambient temperature,” says Erven.

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Given how “unseasonably warm” December 2023 was, it may surprise you that it was just a year before then that BC experienced some of the “coldest air on Earth.”

According to the ECCC, the last time it was this cold in Metro Vancouver (-14°C to -8°C) was during an arctic outbreak in December 2022.

It was during this month that Metro Vancouver was on the receiving end of a ton of snow, with multiple snowfall warnings in place.

When will Metro Vancouver warm back up?

As for when Metro Vancouverites can expect it to warm up, Erven says that the “cold weather snap” is here to stay for at least several days.

“Starting Sunday, temperatures will gradually moderate, but will remain below normal for this time of year,” says Erven. “Take precautions until the temperatures return to near-normal, which is likely through early to mid-next week.”

cold weather snap vancouver
Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

As of now, the ECCC forecasts temperature highs between -2 and 4°C between Monday, January 15th to Thursday, January 18th. There’s currently a chance of flurries from Tuesday to Thursday, so prepare for possible wet snow conditions.

We’ll have to see if continues to warm up by next weekend!

So until then – “stay warm, stay dry, and if you’re outside, try to stay active,” says Erven. “Take breaks inside when you can, and be sure to look out for your neighbours and anyone who might be more vulnerable.”