Staying indoors this week sounds ideal, especially considering that Ontario is in for its first major winter storm of 2024. Heavy snow, rains, strong winds, and risk of freezing rain are in store for the province and here’s what to know.

Though we didn’t get a white Christmas in the Toronto area, we’re sure in for a snowy January. According to The Weather Network, thanks to a Texas low making its way toward the province, it is expected to bring wintry conditions late Tuesday, into Wednesday morning.

“Disruptive storms in the middle of January tend to track farther east than our current storm will,” shares TWN. “This system will move from Texas straight into the Great Lakes—a path more common of an early spring storm than a mid-winter soaker.”

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Though parts of northern Ontario are currently under winter storm watches and special weather statements per Environment Canada, southern Ontario will most likely see more rain rather than snow.

Nonetheless, if you’re out and about, expect messy travel conditions of the high-impact storm – snow build-up and icy roads.

Photo via The Weather Network

Per TWN, the Toronto area is expected to see the first bit of snow Tuesday morning before turning into a mix of snow and rain in the afternoon. Rain is expected to continue into the evening.

Though Toronto could see about 2 cm to 8 cm of snow on Tuesday, it’s not likely that it’ll stick around.

But for those around the Ottawa region, they could see 15 cm to 20 cm of snow and a chance of ice or freezing rain near the Quebec border before it switches over to rain, according to TWN.

As for strong winds, expect those to develop over southern Ontario on Tuesday – up to 60 km/h across Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

But this is not the last time this week we’ll see some snowy activity.

According to TWN, Toronto’s expected to see scattered flurries on Thursday and into Friday. Saturday could see more light snow before turning into more scattered flurries on Sunday.

Photo via The Weather Network

Temperatures are expected to remain in the high negatives for most of the week but before it ends, we’re expected to be hit with a blast of cold temperatures starting Sunday.

“An active pattern is expected to continue through the third week of January, with the potential for a few days of very cold weather between January 15 and 20,” states TWN.

Expect lows of -15°C on Sunday, into Monday of next week.

It’s about to be a cold one. Stay warm out there!