Canada was just ranked as the 2nd best country in the world!

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Everyone give themselves a little pat on the back because Canada has been ranked as the 2nd best country in the world. The 2020 Best Countries Report has just been released, and our Canada climbed the ranks to finish behind Switzerland and no one else. Well done, peeps!

The ranking is an annual project done by U.S. News & World Report, the Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania, and BAV Group. A total of 73 countries were compared across a variety of categories to determine their final ranking.

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In fact, there are 9 sub rankings along with 14 “Best Of” lists that each contributed to the final rankings. Obviously, it’s a pretty comprehensive gathering of data, so we’re definitely happy Canada placed so well. Here are the top 10 countries overall:

1. Switzerland
2. Canada
3. Japan
4. Germany
5. Australia
6. United Kingdom
7. United States
8. Sweden
9. Netherlands
10. Norway

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Along with Canada’s #2 rank on the overall listing, it finished 1st in the “Quality of Life” category, 2nd in “Citizenship”, and 3rd in “Open for Business”. It looks like living happy, healthy, and with some entrepreneurial spirit is the way to go for Canadians. Good to know.

Here are the rest of the category rankings for Canada:

Adventure – #16
Citizenship – #2
Cultural Influence – #11
Entrepreneurship – #6
Heritage – #40
Movers – #37
Open for Business – #3
Power – #12
Quality of Life – #1

Well done, Canada! Now, all we have to do is make 2020 even better and overtake those sly Swiss folks.