It’s a big day for ‘Jessicas’ everywhere! Actress Jessica Biel has officially met her namesake Vancouver rescue, ‘Jessica Seal’ – and the pictures could not be more adorable.

It’s no secret that the Vancouver Aquarium likes to name its marine life after some pretty high-profile celebs, and they haven’t been shy when it comes to inviting them to meet their namesakes.

On Thursday, May 2nd, the actress shared a photo of her recent visit to the Aquarium, captioned: “When Jessica Biel met Jessica Seal!”

“This is my new friend, Jessica Seal. She is currently thriving at the Vancouver Aquarium, where she was thankfully given another chance at life,” says Biel in her post. “I was lucky enough to meet her and explore the wonderful place she now gets to call home.”

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About Jessica Seal

Jessical Seal – or “Jess,” as she’s nicknamed, was rescued by the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre after she was found underweight and partially blind at Point Grey Park in Kitsilano.

After 164 days in their care, she was transferred to the Aquarium and deemed “non-releasable” by Fisheries and Oceans Canada due to her injuries.

So while Jessica Seal has had a rough start to life, she is now settled into her new home, and even has her favourite enrichment toys, according to the Aquarium. She’s also made friends with the other resident harbour seals, Hermes and DaVinci!

Other marine life and mammals to meet at the Aquarium include Megan Mackrel, Prince Herring, Bradley Grouper, Fin Diesel, Tuna Fey, and Shellen DeGeneres.

Talk about a heartwarming story of the day!

Have you met Jessica Seal yet??