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This abandoned B.C. hospital is Canada’s most famous filming location

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There are impressive, beautiful, and awe-inspiring historic destinations all across Canada, and sometimes there are even creepy ones. Riverview Hospital, an abandoned insane asylum in Coquitlam, B.C., definitely fits into the latter.

As a result, the abandoned Riverview Hospital has become one of the most filmed locations in all of Canada.


Opened in 1913, Riverview quickly became home to some of the province’s most disturbed patients. Given the inhumane medical practices used to treat the mentally ill throughout plenty of the 20th century, Riverview has gained a minor reputation for being haunted.

Obviously, that’s a big reason why it’s become an in-demand filming location for huge TV shows and films over the past couple of decades.

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deadpool 2 and riverview hospital

The Hospital’s West Lawn, East Lawn, and Crease Clinic buildings are the most popular filming spots. You might recognize them from such productions as Saw, Watchmen, Smallville, Fringe, Grave Encounters, The Butterfly Effect, Dark Angel, The X Files, Supernatural, Romeo Must Die, and Along Came A Spider.

Along with this, the majority of Deadpool 2 was filmed at East Lawn. Impressive list,  but there are many, many more.

riverdale and riverview hospital

Interested in a tour? Of course, you are. The majority of tours at Riverview Hospital are Tree Tours put on by the Horticultural Society, but aren’t availble until March of 2020.

butterfly effect and riverview hospital

Riverview sits on 244 acres of lush forest and nature. In fact, Riverview was called the ‘perfect mental health haven’ because of its proximity to so much natural beauty.

Tough to see it look so beat down and decrepit, right? Well, we’ve got some good news, folks! Riverview Hospital has been back up and running with some new facilities and cash from the B.C. government.

riverview hospital

Oh, and don’t stress for a second about losing the Hollywood connection. The property still offers film TV production crews plenty of filming locations.

From old buildings and indoor sets to forested locations and of course the East and West Lawns, Riverview Hospital will still be a Hollywood favourite for years to come.