If you’re a fan of haunted houses and looking for options around Vancouver, we’ve got some good news for you. The longest-running haunted attraction in the Lower Mainland tends to conjure up quite a scare – including having evil circus clowns chase after you. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll definitely want to check out Cougar Creek’s House of Horrors this season.

The haunts

This year’s event has three distinct ‘haunts’ with plenty of spooky things that go bump in the night. The first haunt is called “Echoes of Abbath,” and urges guests to follow the echoes of the ancient drums through the bowels of the dark underworld.

“The living must battle against the centuries of doom reigned by the dark one Abbath. His army of the undead will stop all who dare to enter… and for all who wish to leave, they must kneel at the feet of the Dark One,” explains their website.

house of horrors vancouver

Photo via Cougar Creek

And if that doesn’t make the hairs on your arms stand straight up, we know what will. The second haunt invites guests to ring in the “New Year’s Evil” with the “snowstorm of the century.” The year is 1970 and you’re trapped in a motel, completely cut off from the outside world. As the countdown to the new year gets closer and the ball drops, “bodies begin to fall.”

Loud music blares through the halls as “the killer” makes its way through all of the guests. Pretty harrowing, to say the least – right?

Last but not least, the third haunt is an all-new carnival maze called “Zycho Zerchus.” If you hate clowns, avoid this one, because guests will experience a truly terrifying twist on the already unsettling circus clown.

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house of horrors vancouver

Photo via Cougar Creek

Tickets & info

Folks who dare to brave the House of Horrors can visit Cougar Creek’s attractions in Surrey between Friday, September 30th and Monday, October 31st. You can view their official schedule here.

Tickets start at $40+ for a general pass to the house of horrors. And if you’d rather check out their “Escape From Incineration” escape room, tickets are $30+ a pop.

Partial ticket proceeds go to the Surrey Food Bank, and they’ll also accept direct donations of non-perishable items at the attraction.

Cougar Creek’s House of Horrors

When: See available times here.
Where: 12530 72nd Avenue, Surrey
Cost: $57.48