Just a few weeks after Jeopardy! maybe told a fib about how long it takes to get to Vancouver from the border, we’ve gotten another nod from the long-running quiz show.

But this time around, the question was about a famous celebrity who calls the city home. Featured under the ‘That’s Canadian Entertainment’ category, the answer read ‘This Vancouver native lent his voice to the city’s public transit in 2018’. Want to take a stab at it? Fun fact- none of the contestants got it right.

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Which is a little weird to us, considering how iconic we think Seth Rogen’s voice is. Maybe the contestants haven’t watched Superbad enough times. Yeah. That’s obviously the problem. Or, maybe they only know Seth Rogen from his budding career as a ceramics artist. We’d take that excuse as well.

Whichever way you slice it, it’s always fun for our little slice of heaven to get a primetime shoutout. Who knows, maybe Ryan Reynolds will start shoo-ing you to the back of the bus next spring. We can only hope!