This is our nightmare- who’s fact-checking the fact-checkers!? Nah, we’re just kidding, but it was fun to see that Jeopardy! recently messed up an answer about Vancouver. The little blunder happened on Monday, and luckily, someone on Twitter caught it.

During the first round, one category was called ‘Bordering the USA’. And, the $200 answer (the easiest one) was “About 20 minutes after crossing the border into British Columbia, you can be in this big city exploring Stanley Park”.

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Now, a couple of explanations have been offered for the goof. Some think it might relate to simply being in Metro Vancouver, or that it could be the ‘border’ located at ferry terminals. Our opinion? Somebody just messed up the travel time, and didn’t bother to check since it’s more dramatic that way. After all, the ‘exploring’ concept insinuates you can be there, not just near it/flying over it/whatever.

Are we just arguing semantics here? Absolutely, but we’re writers! It’s our job more or less. And besides, it makes us soooo much fun at house parties!