We’ve got some huge news to share with you, folks. On Friday, the Canadian federal government announced new vaccination requirements for both federal employees and services, including travel services. The news comes as Canada reaches the highest vaccination rate for both single and double doses anywhere in the world.

Ok, so let’s unpack the conference a little bit. First up was an announcement from Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc, who said that vaccinations will become a requirement for all federal employees in the near future.

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But, we’re more focused on what Transport Minister Omar Alghabra revealed. He has announced that all federally regulated transport will have vaccine requirements for both employees and passengers. This includes all commercial air travel, interprovincial train travel, and ‘large marine vessels with overnight accommodations’, AKA cruise ships. For those who are not eligible for a vaccine, enhanced testing protocol will be put in place.

We timestamped the announcement in the video above, if you don’t believe it.

While requiring vaccinations has become commonplace for international travel and from private corporations, Canada is the first country in the world, to our knowledge, to unveil vaccine requirements for domestic travel as well. There is no official date yet for the rollout of the requirements, but the expectation is that they will arrive sometime this fall, and no later than the end of October.

This story is developing and will be updated accordingly.