Turns out, you can learn a lot about a city and its people from the way they order delivery. Some are picky, others are overly-polite, and a few of them really like pickles. Uber Eats has decided to expose all of us Canadians for how we behave when we’re hungry, and their findings are pretty fascinating.

Uber Eats’ 2021 Cravings Report came out earlier this week and it breaks down all the popular and most unusual trends throughout the year. Apparently, many Canadians across the board have been relying on Uber for their junk food fix, particularly gummy bears and salt and vinegar chips — a superb combo, we must admit.

Canada’s best tippers are all located in BC, including Nanaimo, Victoria, and Kelowna, followed by Sherbrooke and Quebec City. Nanaimo was also named as the most polite city, using more pleases and thank yous in their instructions than anyone else.

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The second-most polite city is Ottawa, followed by Kingston. Other cities known for their politeness include Lethbridge, Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Peterborough, and Calgary. Toronto and Vancouver, y’all need to do better!

The cities with the pickiest eaters who added the most special instructions to their orders are Regina, St. John’s, and Kelowna. Toronto, Halifax, Windsor, Prince George, and Hamilton were also named some of the pickiest.

As for the cities with the hungriest people, Uber Eats named three spots with the most expensive orders of the whole year. Vancouver took the top spot with $1,600+, followed by Montreal with $1,300+ and Toronto with $1,200+. Big spenders, even bigger appetites!

The most ordered items in Canada included chicken nuggets (good choice), ice cream, and assorted chocolate bars. We’ve got a sweet tooth, apparently.

As for the cities that weren’t named the most polite and generous, perhaps this is your cue to step up your game next year.