Christmas is right around the corner and ready or not, it’ll only be a matter of time until outgoing gifts need to be bought, boxed, wrapped, and labeled. Luckily, for those of you who have to tend to procrastinate but have decided that this year will be different, Canada Post has actually released its list of recommended holiday shipping deadlines for 2021.

These deadlines are based on the assumption that you’ll want your gift to the recipient by December 24th, 2021,  and take into account that there undoubtedly could be a postal boom ahead of the holidays.

To combat this, the postal service actually plans on hiring around 4,000 additional employees in order to ensure that everyone gets their gifts on time. After all, they’re not only going against a ton of packages entering the system every day, they’ve still got to work around any pandemic delays which could suck, if not enough people are lending a helping hand.

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If all goes to plan, however, the following are the dates that Canada Post recommends you send your packages by:


  • Priority: December 21
  • Xpressport: December 21
  • Flat rate box: December 21
  • Regular parcel: December 20


  • Priority: December 21
  • Xpressport: December 21
  • Flat rate box: December 17
  • Regular parcel: December 15


  • Priority: December 21
  • Xpressport: December 20
  • Flat rate box: December 13
  • Regular parcel: December 9


  • Priority Worldwide: December 21
  • Xpresspost USA: December 16
  • Expedited Parcel USA: December 13
  • Tracked Packet / Small Packet: December 9

For any other international destinations, we’d recommend checking out the Canada Post Website here where they have those listed as well.

If you have any other questions or would like to sign up for postal alerts just in case anything changes – you can do so here. 

Good luck and happy gifting, Canada!