Another retail reboot is coming our way. Just one year after Le Chateau filed for bankruptcy and shut its Canadian storefronts for good, the company has announced that it’s coming back “soon and better than ever.”

Retail Insider reports that the once-popular formalwear store has been acquired by YM Inc., the same company that recently saved Forever21 in Canada.

The outlet says that Le Chateau will be relaunching on November 16th with an online-only “Glamour capsule” collection that will eventually be sold in some Suzy Shier stores in Canada. The company had just over 120 stores nationwide when it filed for bankruptcy in October 2020, the outlet says.

If you’ve been feeling nostalgic for some early 2000s dress shopping with the latest Christina Aguilera track playing in the background, it sounds like this will be the next best thing.

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Iconic retail revivals are having a moment right now. Zellers recently rose from the dead with a pop-up shop in an Ontario Hudson’s Bay store with all of its classic red and white design features.

The Bay has actually been at war with a Quebec family after they snagged the Zellers trademark and opened up a few rogue stores.

According to Retail Insider, the Hudson’s Bay Company let the Zellers trademark lapse in September of last year, opening the door for the Moniz family in Quebec to register it themselves. They did just that, and have apparently opened a small mock-up location of the Canadian store about 80 km from Montreal in the small city of Sorel-Tracy, but they certainly haven’t stopped there.

They also have plans to open a second Zellers location in the near future – two moves that ultimately put them on HBC’s radar. Needless to say, they weren’t pleased with the Moniz family’s plans. HBC even filed a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court of Canada, naming the family and their various Zellers-re-trademarked companies as the defendants.

We love a good comeback story, and we just hope this means denim mini skirts and platform sandals will suddenly become cool again.