Have you missed swimming in Seattle public pools? We’re going to pretend you said yes because we certainly have. And on that note, we have some great news about two of the cities favorite swim spots. Both Colman & Mounger outdoor pools will open this summer.

If you’ve never checked out either pool we’ll give you some deets. Mounger pool is located in Magnolia and typically appeals to youngsters thanks to the mix of smaller pools and a water slide. Colman Pool is in West Seattle and is probably one of the city’s coolest and maybe even best pools because it’s heated saltwater and is located on the Puget Sound. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

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Both pools will reopen on June 19th and will be open with limited capacity. And honestly, that will probably make for your best public pool experience yet. Because that way you can enjoy your laps without worrying about running into anyone. Now keep in mind you will have to reserve time at the pool via pre-registration on the prior day but some drop-in will be allowed.

And if you’re wondering, pools will be cleaned in 30-minute breaks between swim sessions. Plus when you show up to swim you will undergo a health screening and will have to sign a waiver.

So if you ask us, swimming in Seattle public pools just got a whole lot better and safer. If you’d like to learn more about the pools reopening you can click here.