Ah yes, gender reveal parties. Often a relatively calm affair involving different coloured cupcakes or silly string, the sky is the limit when it comes to uh, more creative options, including illegal ones! Recently, a small wildfire was caused by a gender reveal party in Alberta. No, we’re not kidding, here’s the scoop.

The incident happened near Fort MacMurray in northern Alberta at the end of May. Basically, the group used exploding targets and live ammunition to ‘find out’ the gender of the baby. Well, that got out of hand, and a small wildfire got started. It grew to about a half-football field in size before firefighters were able to put it out.

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Since the host of the party never bothered to apply for the relevant permit, they ended up receiving a $600 fine. Honestly, considering the potential damage such negligence could have caused, we’d be ecstatic to only receive a fine instead of getting jail time.

As a refresher, a similar incident in California last year forced tens of thousands out of their homes and ended up killing one firefighter. In fact, following that incident, the unofficial ‘creator’ of the gender reveal party spoke out against them, and urged people to stop having them. Yeah, in short, gender reveal parties are not the way to go about having a child.

Especially when these ‘parties’ involve legitimately dangerous and illegal activities. A word of advice to these folks? Next time, maybe just colour a cake if you really, really, can’t handle being the centre of attention all the time.

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