Well, folks, we’re getting down to the wire in the NHL Playoffs, and it’s only a matter of time before old Stanley makes its appearance on the ice once more. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the moment, then how about drinking a beer that has literally touched it? Here’s the scoop.

molson stanley cup beer
Photo via Molson

The good folks over at Molson Canadian have created one of the most interesting limited edition beers we’ve ever seen. Dubbed the Molson Canadian Stanley Cup® Batch, these specially marked 6-packs just straight up brought the Stanley Cup into the mix. By including the top of the cup in the brewing process, Molson has found a way for you to authentically experience what a drink from the cup might feel like.

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And considering how iconic those moments can be, we have to give props to Molson for the idea. After all, most Canadians will never even see the Stanley Cup in person (except for you, die-hard hockey fans!) so this special release might be as close as you’ll get. Hey, if the cup fits, drink from it, we guess!

The new Molson Canadian Stanley Cup® Batch has been released at liquor stores across Canada, minus Quebec (which is kind of ironic). This is a one-time type deal, folks, so make sure to pick up a pack if you see one in the wild!