Well folks, we’ve got another reminder that we’re not the only creatures roaming these streets. A video posted on Reddit shows a bear walking down the sidewalk in Port Moody. Not scaring anyone or anything. Just vibing.

The video is only about 20 seconds long but it really tells a story. The story of a bear enjoying a very casual afternoon stroll, that is. The video was taken by user u/btaskybill, and shows the bear sauntering down the street in the middle of the day, before eventually ducking into an open gate.

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This video raises a lot of questions. What is he looking for? Is he just a part of the neighbourhood? Is he going door to door telling people the Good News?

While none of those are probably true, it’s still a really fun thing to see. It’s also a reminder for Lower Mainland residents that there are bears in the area. So, always be sure to stay bear aware! While we’re on the topic, here are a bunch of resources on how to be bear smart. There are tips like locking up your garbage, going indoors if you see a bear, and many more for a variety of situations. Always good to know as much as possible!

But, there’s no denying that bears are incredibly cute and it’s very funny to see one just strolling down the street like in the video. Next, you’ll be telling us that one was spotted wearing a red raincoat, a yellow hat, and has a penchant for marmalade. And hey, we might even believe you.