Just because a collection poses to be gender-neutral it does not necessarily have to be neutral in terms of design and personality. And luxury jewelry brand, True Curated Design‘s latest The True Gender Neutral Collection is proof that the days of uninspired and painfully plain genderless pieces are behind us for good.

Originally a custom engagement ring and right-hand ring brand, Vancouver-born True Curated Designs launched their line of pragmatic fine jewelry a couple of years ago. And they now dropped their genderless jewelry which is every bit as wearably gorg as we’ve come to expect from the brand.

True Curated Design
Photo via True Curated Design

Designer Tori Dundas came up with the idea of a gender-fluid line when her boyfriend snagged her sparkly gold chain one summer evening. And so the collection is designed to break stereotypes and make fine jewelry without boundaries. We prefer to think of it as fine jewelry that’s shareable. And also, high quality and durable since they are built for everyday wear.

Crafted out of solid gold, the collection is dominated by chains, necklaces and bracelets and features modern and contemporary textures and edgy styles. Giving a not-so-subtle ode to the ‘jewelry without boundary’ theme, the pieces are pretty adventurous. Accordingly, you’ll find a few travel-inspired motifs like the True North Compass pendant and the St. Christopher pendant.

True Curated Design
Photos via True Curated Design

The thing that makes the line absolutely amazing is that every piece is layer-able, especially the masculine-inspired chain styles. So, you can dress your jewelry up or down depending on your mood and of course, the occasion. From understated to OTT, whatever look you’re aiming for, The True Gender Neutral collection has you covered.

Tempted to bag these wearable wares? Here, check out True’s website to get your hands on this functional-meets-classy collection!