Hip cafes are a dime a dozen in Toronto, but none are quite as unique as this Cabbagetown spot. The coffee shop, called NomNomNom, opened its doors back in August and has hosted several unique art experiences since. From the looks of it, they’ve got more exciting plans in the works too.

NomNomNom serves up a variety of unique drinks, including iced coffee lemonade, sweet potato lattes, strawberry espresso, honeydew matcha, corn silk tea, and more.

Not only are the beverages presented beautifully, but the ever-changing artwork in the space creates a breathtaking atmosphere while you sit back and enjoy it.

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The cafe is “inspired by the artsy,” according to its Instagram description, and experiencing art is the main draw of this chic spot. NomNomNom has even provided a list of the things you’ll get to do while you’re there — “make art, look art, be art, show art, drink coffee.”

The coffee shop’s newest installation, called Los Desconocidos Del Cafe, with limited-edition cups to match. The installation represents strangers coming together to share their love of “true art, fashion, and coffee.”

Some of its past showcases included puffy white clouds suspended on the ceiling and a stunning origami display called The Flight of the Paper Cranes. The walls also feature small excerpts of text and poetry against neutral walls. The cafe also hosts musicians, according to a video shared on its Instagram.


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Toronto’s home to so many incredible destinations for coffee and tea. Just recently, the city welcomed a new Florence-based artisanal coffee house called Ditta Artigianale, the Italian cafe’s first location in North America.

If you’re into good coffee as much as you’re into good art, NomNomNom is the spot to check out.

NomNomNom Toronto

Where: 492 Parliament St
When: Monday — Sunday, 7 a.m. — 9 p.m.